Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Realistic Tree

About four years ago I bought a Woodland Scenics “Realistic Tree Kit” but never got around to making the trees. As I now have a proper wargame table I’m in need of a bit more scenery so last night I finally opened up the box. The trees are very simple and satisfying to make – just bend the branches and stick the foliage on with wood glue.

When I started wargaming as a teenager I never had much in the way of scenery and I always wanted to have some decent trees like the ones made by Peter Gilder and pictured in Miniature Warfare. My brother and I had to make do with some of the Merit trees (out of the “Blue & Grey” ACW Playset) with the odd Britains one thrown in for good measure. Eventually I progressed to the ownership of some K&M trees in various scales that I still have and use today.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with these new ones and there’s enough stuff in the box to make six trees which I thought was pretty good value for money. Not quite as good as Gilder’s but near enough for me.


Rafael Pardo said...

I own a bag full of these trees... Could you post a picture of a 'true' wood to see the effect?

MSFoy said...

Handsome trees, Ian - very pleasing. I thought I'd mention that the one on the right seems to be dead, since we've had some problems with dead trees here recently.

I am still pretty much stuck with my elderly Merit trees, I am afraid. This is partly because I am a lazy so-and-so, but is also because I have a dread of getting stray flock on the dining room floor (which will not be a problem in your new wargames room). The Merit trees are serviceable, especially if you stick em on plywood bases for stability, but the passing years have made them frighteningly brittle - I lose a couple each time I set up the battlefield, so I need to do something about it. I am taking notes - thanks for this.


Conrad Kinch said...

Actually those don't look bad. I've been looking at differant sorts of trees too. I might have to look into that. Are the armatures provided in a variety of heights or just the two in the picture?

Stryker said...

Rafa - I will post a picture of the complete wood when I finish them. Handy for La Bois de Paris?

Tony - Yes, one of the trees seems to have some terrible blight. I've always thought it a pity that nobody makes any good winter trees for re-fights of Eylau or the retreat from Moscow. You could use these trees without the foliage but they would look more "nuclear winter" rather than just plain winter.

Conrad - the box contains two at about 7" and four around the 5" mark. By bending the branches in different ways you get a pleasing variation in appearance. The box cost around £15 about 4 years ago.