Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A change of plan

Those of you who have read through my old post may remember that my French fusilier unit (the 45th regiment) was short of three figures to make up a full complement of 24. I got over this problem by introducing a second command group but this solution has slightly bugged me ever since because it doesn’t really look right.

As a result I decided to reorganise my French infantry by mixing grenadier figures (of which I have a full 24) in with the fusiliers so that I would end up with two units each with 12 fusiliers and 12 grenadiers. This was the route I settled on and I duly started painting up grenadier figures – albeit at an exceptionally slow pace. However, Paul managed to convince me that my original plan to have a full unit of fusiliers was better than mixing them up and went so far as to send me the three extra figures I needed to achieve this.

This means that the grenadiers are now being formed into their own unit, which is ok historically as the grenadier companies of several battalions were sometimes formed into composite units anyway. It has also freed up my extra command group, which after a quick repaint of plumes have been transformed into grenadiers. Now I know that grenadiers didn’t actually carry standards and eagles but I do like to see a flag with my units. Anyway, the picture shows my grenadier battalion so far and I just need to paint up another 12 figures to complete it - no problem.


Paul said...

Hi Ian

Your Grenadiers are a
tough looking bunch of lads

nice work as always


Lee said...

Sounds like a good plan to me Ian. Its always nice when the offer of a couple of extra figures to complete a unit comes up. Look forward to seeing the Grenadier unit completed, they will look great.


Stryker said...

Thanks lads - they do look pretty good in the flesh (even if I do say so myself). I just wish I could crack on and get them finished but it doesn't seem very likely at the moment.