Saturday, 25 September 2010

Secret Weapon (phase two)

This is a test figure of NN2 Nassau Grenadier (charging) that I painted a couple of weeks ago. I really like the pose of this one and he was relatively straightforward to paint. It’s a strange thing with the figures Marcus Hinton produced how some are really excellent sculpts while others do seem to be a bit lacking. I’m not sure if Hinton sculpted all the figures himself but certainly this one is one of the better offerings.

I’m very fortunate that Matt (my secret weapon) has agreed to paint up the rest of the unit for me. This means that I have had the fun part of working out the way I want them to look without the hard work of mass production. Matt’s work is superb and he puts me to shame with the sheer speed of his output but at the moment this is a huge help to me.

Now I do feel a bit guilty about all this as part of the point of this project was that I was going to paint all the figures myself. However a couple of things have changed since I started this blog; firstly I have accumulated way more figures than I ever thought possible and secondly I have less time to paint them than I did back then. The result is (as regular readers may have noted) a bit of a drought of painted figures, in fact I still haven’t completed the unit of French grenadiers I started last autumn. I do intend to rectify this in the future but for now I am very glad of Matt’s help.


Lee said...

Another lovely figure Ian. I dont blame you for utilising Matts talent to build your collection, those Swiss were great and matched your style well. This should be a striking unit when complete. I can understand your situation as I've been there myself in the past, but I'm lucky now to have plenty of spare time on my hands so I make the most of it :-)


Anonymous said...

Started them tonight-I agree the sculpting on these shows the standard of sculpting progressed. Positively delicate in comparison to some of the others I have seen!


Stryker said...

Excellent news Matt! That reminds me though I'd better get the plasticard bases ready and the flag for the standard bearer conversion...