Friday, 17 September 2010

Fall in the 45th (again)

Checking back through my postings I see that I completed my first version of the famous French 45th Regiment of the Line back in April 2008. Since then they have been staring back at me from the display cabinet proudly showing their two Imperial eagles. The fact that they had an extra eagle was not just a contingency in case they lost one to the Scots Greys (who’ve been eyeing them up from the middle of the same shelf) but because I was short of three fusilier figures to make up the numbers.

Thanks to the generosity of Paul however the three missing figures of FN5 Fusilier (charging) turned up here a few weeks ago and I have finally got around to painting and basing them up. The result seemed so pleasing that Marshal Lannes just had to assemble the battalion and put them through some drill.

The battalion form column of attack

They quickly manoeuvre into line

And then into square (this is one they really do need to get smarter at!)

And finally they go back in time to the 1960s

(Apologies for the poor lighting in the above photos but I still haven’t properly set up a studio area since we moved to our new house)


Rafael Pardo said...

Really they seem to be very expert in drilling, smoothly changing form column to line!
A long time from your last post... too many work?

Stokes Schwartz said...

Very, very nice! And your photos are pretty good. . . actually very good!

Best Regards,


Lee said...

Lovely unit, that b/w shot could be straight from the pages of the old 'Battle' magazine. Great.

Are the fusilier figures hard to find these days Ian? What will you do for future French infantry units?

Keep em coming!


Stryker said...

Thanks lads, I will pass on your comments to the 45th!
Rafa - yes too many work indeed!
Stokes - I need to dig out another light to make it all a bit more balanced but this is another time issue...

Stryker said...

Hi Lee - Strangely those fusilier figures have been very hard to find and now (and this is a bit like the old waiting for a bus story) I suddenly have three units worth! I really like the black & white shots - certainly hides any painting problems!

Paul said...

I think your painting & basing style is the perfect combination for these figures, brings out there best
lovely work as always