Saturday, 28 August 2010

C’est Magnifique

I am pleased to say that the ranks of the Imperial Guard were increased in number this morning with the arrival of this splendid composite squadron of cavalry. These figures are all Der Kriegspielers rather than Hinton Hunt but they very closely resemble the latter and are not as thin as some other DK types in my possession. They are:

2 x 46/1 Guard Grenadier-a-cheval
2 x 47/1 Guard Chasseur-a-cheval
1 x 48/1 Guard Dragoon
1 x 49/1 Guard Lancer

The figures are courtesy of Don who sent them all the way from the US and the Emperor in particular was very pleased to see them. My favourites are the Chasseur-a-cheval with their nice green and red uniforms.

The arrival of this squadron following so closely on the arrival of the Poles has got me into Imperial Guard mode. A quick look through the inventory shows me that I now have (in addition to the two cavalry squadrons) 1 x battalion Old Guard, 1 x battalion Young Guard, 2 x foot batteries, 1 x horse battery and nearly a whole battalion of Marines. I just wish that my inventory also included unlimited painting time.


Anonymous said...

Now they are lovely!


Lee said...

More nice castings Ian. Are you going to repaint them in your style or use as they are? Either way they look lovely.

Managed to get any more painting done recently?



Stryker said...

Hi Lee - I'm not sure yet, I have a mountain of painting to climb so I may just leave these. I have managed to paint another six figures in the last month which is like working at the speed of light for me these days! However I now have even more work commitments than before so I'm not sure how the next few months will go - very frustrating...

Rafael Pardo said...

My favorite are the Chasseurs a Cheval, with their glorious red pelisses

paulalba said...

Very nice Ian,
Need to get some more Allies painted up to fight them