Saturday, 30 May 2009

Landwehr Command

I mentioned in a previous post that the original Hinton Hunt 20mm wargame range only offered three standard-bearer figures and these were limited to the French and British forces. They were BN13 and BN14 representing Regimental Colours and King’s Colours respectively and FN4 Colour Bearer for the French 45th Regiment.

When David Clayton took over production of Hinton Hunt in the US he introduced several new standard-bearer figures presumably in an attempt to fill this gap. His figures are not the best of sculpts but they do at least provide some reasonable models with cast-on flags to brighten up the battlefield. The alternative would be to convert some regular HH figures but this isn’t something I’m particularly skilled at so I’m happy to use the Clayton ones.

The figure pictured is PN23 Prussian Landwehr Colour Bearer Advancing. These cast-on flags are very delicate and I managed to break this one while striping the old paint from the casting (thank goodness for super glue). The other figure is PN20 Landwehr Officer Marching - another Clayton casting but this time of an original Marcus Hinton sculpt. The flag is painted free hand, something else I’m not very skilled at but it’s passable when viewed from a distance.


lewisgunner said...

There was also an original HH flagbearer for the French Imperial Guard Grenadiers.
Now How anoraky is that!!

Your freehand looks fine.
You'll be beimg sought for commissions next.

Stryker said...

Not anoraky at all, well er, I don't think so anyway! I didn't know that the Old Guard flagbearer was original HH as it doesn't appear in my HH Catalogue. My copy dates from 1972 however so I assume this was a later addition(?).

Thanks for the comment about the flag but at this rate it will be 2020 before I have any free time for commissions.


Anonymous said...

I never knew the French Imperial Guard wore anoraks! I wonder if they are the same shade of blue as mine?


Stryker said...

Matt - my suspicion is that we all have the same colour anorak!

And on that point...I checked my HH Catalogue and found that FN24Old Guard flagbearer was on a separate 'Additions' sheet so it must have been in production before 1972.


rpardo said...

A question about the flag. It seems a regular army flag, but I thought that the landwehr carried another type of less ellaborate flags

Stryker said...

Rafa - I wish you hadn't told me that because it will bug me now! I just assumed it would be the same for the Landwehr but I can't face re-painting it...


DC said...

Don't you just hate it when someone tells you you've painted some detail 'wrong'. These days i just i just put my fingers in my ears..nah, nah - can't hear you... Life's too short and hobby time too sparse to tie yourself up in knots over 'historical accuracy'. Nice figures - we must be due another 'grand review' soon..?

Stryker said...

Well I tried the fingers in the ears and the nah nah, nah nah! Sadly it just didn't work so last night I started to repaint the flag. This project was never meant to be about historical accuracy but it was bugging me too much. I've been thinking about a grand review but I want to get the Landwehr finished first...