Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mit Gott

When Rafa innocently commented on my last post that he thought the flag my Landwehr were carrying might be the wrong one I immediately felt uneasy. This was because I knew that Rafa knows his stuff and also that I hadn’t bothered to research the flag at all – after all a Prussian flag is a Prussian flag right?

Wrong actually, a quick look on revealed that the Landwher did carry flags that were different from the Line Regiments. Now I never set out to make this project particularly historically accurate but my little error bugged me so much that I had to re-paint the thing. So here is PN23 Prussian flag bearer carrying the colours of a Silesian Landwehr Regiment. The flag is apparently conjecture but if anyone does have more specific info kindly keep it to yourself.

Whilst on the subject of my errors (not a favourite area of mine as Mrs S can testify) Roy pointed out that the original Hinton Hunt range did contain one more flag bearer that I didn’t mention in my last post. This is FN24 Old Guard flag bearer. I had thought that this figure was a Clayton produced one because it does not appear in my catalogue but then I found it listed on an Additions sheet. This is all the more embarrassing for anorak-kind as I have one of these figures in my possession and a quick inspection shows it to clearly be a Marcus Hinton creation.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Of course there is a picture of this figure on the Hinton Hunter....


rpardo said...

This flag is more correct. All the Landwehr flags of the era, seemed to be very "naive", like the one your bearer carries now!
Thanks for your confidence in my (scarce) knowledge ;-p

Anonymous said...


That is quite colourful for the dour Prussians-very nicely done!


lewisgunner said...

He looks a bit tanned for a Silesian... aren't these guys tall blondes!!

Stryker said...

Roy - That's not a tan its the smoke and grime of battle. I'll try and make sure to paint a few blondes for you in the next batch...