Thursday, 11 June 2009

Growing Land-weary

They are growing in numbers but it is a very slow process and I have to admit I am getting just a little bit fed up with painting them. This always happens to me when painting a 24 figure infantry unit, the first few are fun then the next batch are not quite as much fun, then I find a distraction (in this case those Schleswig-Holsteiners) and then finally I finish them. I hope to complete the last few of the Landwehr this evening or tomorrow.

I had a rummage through the Hinton Hunt lead mountain a couple of days ago and concluded that I really do need to get my finger out and increase the rate of production. I was quite surprised at just how many tired old figures are waiting to join the ranks of their comrades in my display cabinet. This was despite the fact that I have a spreadsheet listing them all (I have a spreadsheet for everything) – I guess seeing them in the flesh has more of an impact.

One thing is sure; I need to produce some more artillery batteries to balance up the force although this is no trouble as my gun crews are only 4 figures strong. However, I am still low on 24 figure infantry units so I will have to focus on these for the rest of this year. The plan is to paint up my next unit of French line infantry as Swiss – Many years ago I was inspired by this picture of Peter Gilder’s Hinton Hunt Swiss. After that I’m not sure, maybe the Old Guard or the Nassau Grenadiers or the British Light Infantry or the…

PS. The sharp eyed among you may have noticed that I made yet more changes to that darn flag – I realised that the eagle in the centre looked more like a bedraggled vulture than a magnificent bird of prey, but that’s it now I’m not touching it again!


The Old Metal Detector said...

I know what you mean - just did 12 charging ones myself yesterday (along with 6 S Range Crimean War Spahis). You really do feel you are painting the Royal Corps of Parking Enforcement and Commissionaires, don't you? BUt good to make progress on Prussians - I have also finished my Garde du Corps and small number of extra jagers.



Anonymous said...

Very neat job, it could be worse, you could be painting Austrians and suffering snow blindness as well! (By the way-have you checked the "Lazylimeys" blog and his new Hinton compatible Napoleonics-sculpted by a certain Mr Stadden?).



lewisgunner said...

The neat thing about Prussian Jagers is that you can always drop a couple into other units to make up the numbers as 'Freiwiilien' or 'Volunteer' Jagers.

Stryker said...

Matt - yes, they're nice looking figures from Mr Stadden but I still have a whole heap of HH before I will be looking for alternatives!

Roy - good idea but I only have a dozen or so Jagers and plan to keep them in a single unit.

Rafael Pardo said...

Don't worry... Landwehr recruitment was very low at the start of 1813....
En avant!

lewisgunner said...

Some interesting units to get are Reserve infantry in Portugese uniforms. These were supplied by the British to Prussia.
HH did not make specific Prussian Reserve infantry in caps and short jackets so being able to use the Portugese was a boon. Otherwise people would paint a standard line infantry unit with grey jackets instead of blue. However, Rafa will no doubt point out that the Prussian Reserve Infantry kacket had no tails to it.