Wednesday, 27 May 2009


You may recall that I have been using plastic guns from various Revell/HaT sets with my Hinton Hunt gunners. This was because I had no HH artillery pieces when I was painting gun crews and I justified it to myself on the grounds that “HH artillery is out of scale anyway”.

Well, it is true that the HH pieces are a little small in comparison to the gunner figures but I have been fortunate to acquire several vintage models recently – thanks largely to Don. The picture shows (from left to right) a vintage Austrian field gun (AL5), a model from the Newline Designs range (AU 12/1) and a plastic gun from the HaT Austrian artillery set (8037).

It’s fairly obvious from the photo that the model produced by Newline Designs is a very close fit in size with the original HH one and they are superb little castings as well. The plastic gun is a bit big and thin and er, plastic. So in the true spirit of this project I have decided to include vintage models where I have them and use Newline substitutes where I have none.


rpardo said...

I am also using Newline guns with plastic 1/72 figures. They are O.K.!

Anonymous said...

The whole Newline range is lovely and their artillery is probably the best of the new metal 20mm manufacturers.

lewisgunner said...

I too like the Newline Range. Some other manufacturers have thin wheels or wonky axles, but the Newlines have a pleasing solidity.
IIRC they also produce heavier guns, very useful for Russians.
For a really lovely gun you can use Fine Scale Factory, but they cost a little more.


Stryker said...

Hi Roy

I think it was you who told me about Newline in the first place so thanks for that!


Anonymous said...

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