Saturday, 2 May 2009

Don’s Grand Armee(s)

I’ve recently received some pictures from Don in the US of his impressive Hinton Hunt armies in action and I thought it might be a nice idea to show some of them here. Don and his group use a variation of the rule-set “Grognards & Grenadiers” using a hex based terrain system and I think the overall effect is very pleasing. The figures are a mixture of both vintage and Clayton produced Hinton Hunt and some Der Kreigspielers - click on the pictures for a closer look.

Storming a village (those are casualty markers on the soldiers heads not giant busbies)

Russians looking like they mean business
Drat and blast – that’s much better than my Austrian flag!

Are those Don’s Cossacks in the distance (Don's Cossacks - geddit?)

Vive le Emperor!

Now, if I could just crank up the painting output maybe I could have armies like this by say 2020?


lewisgunner said...

Looks good and very much in the retro style that you favour Ian

Stryker said...

Roy - that's right, Don's painting style is very similar to my own. Whilst we're on the subject, how about some pics of your Hinton collection?


rpardo said...

2020 is near so don't worry ;-p

Captain Nolan said...

Looks like you may have arrived ahead of schedule - 2017?

Stryker said...

Well yes, you could be right Captain Nolan!