Sunday, 20 August 2017

Battle for the road

Yesterday Tony and Goya came over and we had small game of Muskets & Marshals. As this was the first time Goya had played the rules I thought it best to keep things fairly simple so the terrain was very basic with just a few small hills.

The scenario was also basic, the British were defending a vital road and the French were trying to dislodge them. Tony played the emperor and Goya the Duke of Wellington. I umpired and fed in reserves to each side as and when I felt they were required. Here are the highlights:

"DeLancy, we must hold this vital road and stop Boney in his tracks!"
"Ney, we must take that vital road and knock old hook-nose back to Brussels!"
The French form up in columns and prepare to advance.
In a bold move Tony takes a chance and charges the Cambridgeshires with his lancers. Alten calmly orders them into square and a volley or two sees the Frenchmen off.
Reserves arrive on Wellington's left flank - the Blues & Greys, tough A+ grade troopers.
A view of the table at the end of turn 3. The French are starting to advance although the troops on both sides are still a bit thin on the ground.
The Carabineers and a battery of Guard horse artillery arrive and take up position on a hill dominating the French left flank.
The Nassau Grenadiers were subjected to a continual barrage from two French foot batteries to their front. They stood bravely all day against this fire (perhaps helped by Tony's inability to roll over 3 on a D6).
"Vive le emperor!"
Tony, Goya and myself are all old enough to remember when wargaming was in black and white.
The Swiss and Poles charge home against the Black Watch. The Swiss have taken a lot of casualties (again!) and poor old Picton is down (again!).
The Carabineers get stuck into the British light cavalry, however those hussars on the hill (from Goya's collection) are about to pounce and turn the tables.
Tony assembled a host of cavalry on the right flank but was nervous about charging the solitary unit of Blues & Greys opposite because "they looked hard".
More British reinforcements are arriving (including the naval battalion) but it may be too little too late.
As the Highlanders rout Wellington throws in his reserve heavy cavalry who successfully smash the French columns responsible.
On the other flank though, the Cambridgeshires are routed and...
... so are the Blues & Greys! The road is in French hands, game over.
"Och aye Jimmy it was a near run thing - you tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low one..."

It was great to finally get the Hinton Hunts onto the table again and to give Muskets & Marshals another run out. I think Tony and Goya enjoyed the game and I certainly enjoyed being the umpire so my thanks to them for humouring me.


Anonymous said...

An excellent game, very inspirational, what a treat on a Sunday. Are all your cavalry units now 12 figures as opposed to 18 figures?


MSFoy said...

It was a most excellent day - thanks for everything, including the crooked dice. My photos, alas, are mostly terrible, so I enjoyed yours very much. Splendid.

Stryker said...

Paul - yes the cavalry are all in 12's now which seems to work well.

Anonymous said...

I love the figures and enjoyed the battle account - small and perfectly formed for a short but sweet game. It's far too easy to fall foul of the temptation to put it all out just because you have it. I do however wonder if the Brits are ever going to win? Stand fast Waterloo (which the French ought to lose) the unit histories on your web-site seem to list only a single draw to offset a several defeats.

Alastair Morrison said...

An excellent looking game...
And a truly appalling 'Scotch' accent... :-)

All the best. Aly

Ross Mac said...

Certainly a delight to see. I do find that I've been developing a dreadful Old School itch over the last few months. Best go lie down in a dark room for a bit.

lewisgunner said...

You know you are in trouble when a mob of unsoldierly roughnecks arrives behind you shouting 'The Navy's here!!' and other Hentyesque phrases
Purty lookin game boys.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Very fine looking layout!

Wellington Man said...

Well, what can I say? It just goes to show what happens when you haven't got Prussians to bail you out the last moment.

A fabulous looking game, as always Ian. Goya's wee men are rather spiffing too on their lightgreen bases. Just the inspiration I need.

All the best

Stryker said...

Thanks all for the comments!

Rob - yes, it has been an embarrassing run for the Duke but I'm sure his time will come.
Alastair - apologies for the accent, I haven't been living north of the border for long!
Roy - finally a game where I get to bring on the Naval Battalion.
WM - I did offer Wellington some Prussians but he chose to bring on more Brits instead.

the Archduke said...

Well, I thought it was "plus ca change" as the Swiss got mauled and the Nassauers proved immune to artillery, but the Highlanders and Cambridgeshires routing..........what is occurring? Great to see you back on the field, Ian. I echo everyone else's cries of acclaim.

Stryker said...

Nigel - definitely time for rule version 6.0 which includes "Highlanders fighting on own turf +3" to all die rolls"!

paulalba said...

Looks superb Ian great job!!!

Stryker said...

Thanks Paul!