Friday, 20 September 2013

Guest Appearance #2

I always enjoy seeing pictures of figures from the collections of other Hinton Hunt fans. For a start it shows me that I’m not the only one with affection for these little 20mm fellows but it’s also nice to see different painting styles and unit organisations etc. The following pictures were sent to me recently by Ken and show some of his Austrian and French troops on parade.

Austrian troops on the march - AN/7 Musketeer, marching and on the right, AN/27 Hungarian musketeer, marching. The General out front is one of my all time Hinton Hunt favourites - AN/102 Austrian General (mounted) in cocked hat, reading map.

Austrian hussars (AN/81) - a stirring sight and a great photo too, you can almost hear the hooves thundering!

FN/359 General Lasalle leading some beautifully painted French hussars. Ken's infantry units are 16 figures strong which works well for French battalions.

The King of Naples (FN/351) in front of an impressive array of Cuirassiers. There's just something about Currasiers when they're massed like that - I must paint some myself!

My thanks to Ken for sharing his troops with us.


Conrad Kinch said...

Lovely, lovely work. Thanks to you both for sharing them.

Rafael Pardo said...

Austrian Hussars are nice but Murat is in all his sartiroal splendor!!!

James Fisher, FINS said...

A lovely collection. Well done Ken and thanks to you for posting them Ian.