Monday, 9 September 2013

Additions to the ranks

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to receive a little package in the post from Steve – this was exciting stuff as I was pretty sure there’d be some Hinton Hunt figures inside but I had no idea what they would be.

So here they are, from left to right: 1) FN/28 Old Guard Grenadier Sergeant (marching), 2) a wonderful conversion of a French officer (not sure which original model was used), 3) FN/61 Old Guard Chasseur Officer (charging), 4) RC/6 Crimean War Russian Officer in spiked helmet and long great-coat (marching).

The three French figures will all be assigned to one of my Old Guard battalions whilst the Crimean War Russian officer will be set to work drilling my Crimean War Russian private.


paulalba said...

Very nice Ian,
The officer in bicorne has a striking resemblance to an AB guard officer. Mr Barton must have taken inspiration from it?

Stryker said...

Hi Paul - I think the figure has had a head swap and has been quite extensively converted, pretty much one of a kind so I doubt if Mr Barton has ever seen him!

lewisgunner said...

Be very careful when stripping the converted figure, nothing too harsh or he might disassemble before ypur eyes.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of an Essex Miniatures 25mm figure in their catalogue. Nicely done conversion, will he stand up to the paint stripper?

paulalba said...

Thats amazing Ian, it is so similar in style:

Check out the figure 2nd in from the right:

Kev said...

Very nice IAN- to be still collecting these rare figures- look forward to seeing the OLD GUARD in Battle. Regards. KEV.

Stryker said...

Paul - yes he does look very similar I agree, will fit into the Guard very well.

Roy & Matt - good point and it had already crossed my mind, maybe a touch-up into my own style rather than a repaint for this one!