Sunday, 17 January 2010

Foundry Freebie (Off Topic #14)

One of the many gifts lavished upon me this Christmas by Mrs S was the Wargames Foundry set of Napoleonic paint colours. This was perhaps a bit extravagant but I really like the fact that it gives a decent Prussian blue and Russian green (among many others) as these were both colours that I had found difficult to match using my existing paints. Now the clever chaps at Foundry included a ‘free’ 28mm British infantry figure in the set so of course I had to use him to test drive the colours.

Normally with my Hinton Hunt figures I block paint them reserving a bit of shading only for the personality figures. This means I don’t really get a chance to use the Foundry three shade colour system to its full potential but with this figure I was at last able to have a go. I actually found that it took me no longer to paint this figure than it takes to paint an average HH figure and I think this is partly because the detail on the model is so easy to follow (as opposed to the HH detail which is devilishly tricky). I really enjoyed painting it and would love to do a whole “In the Grand Manner” unit (all your fault Noel) but I have to be sensible as I’m already doing Napoleonic’s in 15mm and 20mm and to add in 28mm would be absurd, wouldn’t it…?

On a completely different topic, I have been clearing through the wargame room in preparation for our move and decided it was time to get rid of my hoard of wargame magazines. I have loads of them that I never look at and I don’t fancy lugging them back up the M5 (most of them were lugged down the M5 eight years ago). If anyone wants any old issues of Wargames Illustrated or Miniature Wargames please email me, as I am happy to send them to you for just the cost of the postage. I’m putting some on eBay but failing that they will be entering the Devon recycling system soon.


Anonymous said...

Just wait as that "absurd" idea takes a famous ring in a famous fantasy will be collecting precioussss things!

Or you might not be like me, forget all about it and move on with your life!


lewisgunner said...

Absurd?? I have Normans in 6mm. 15mm (X2) 20mm and 28mm. I have many armies in two scales, that's because some are just such joy to assemble!
I am assembling my third 15mm Sarmatian army.. that's because no one makes quite good enough Sarmatian figures or not enough variety and earlier armies have too many armoured horses or are too 15mm in a world that has become 18mm!

So if you love it do it.
At least its not like loving old cars as a hobby where space and running costs must be hugew problems. Or like model railways where to put up a new layout means tearing down an old one.

Noel said...

I very much like the British infantryman Ian, I've heard a lot of good things about the Foundry paint set and I'm thinking about buying some. Are they as good as Vallejo and how comprehensive is the Napoleonic set?


Stryker said...

Hi Noel

Glad you like him! I've never used Vallejo so I don't how they compare but I have been using the Foundry paints for a few years now and get on well with them. The Napoleonic range is pretty comprehensive - if you look at their website all the colours and shades are shown on the site which is handy. You can buy the whole set at a 'discount'.


Captain Nolan said...

So, what happened? Did you ever paint a 28mm unit in the Grand Manner?

I have 6mm Napoleonics, 15mm, 18mm, 28mm, and am just starting into 20mm. Should I add some 10mm? So far the answer is no.

They all have their charm, but it is a road that leads to unfinished projects and battles that seem to never happen... because I have all different scales in different stages of completion (with different basing schemes for different rules sets). Ugh.

Stryker said...

Nolan - no I have managed to resist the lure of 28mm and have also stopped my 15mm project in order to concentrate on 20mm. Having enough troops in 20mm to play a game has been a huge help to avoid distraction. Having my own rules has also helped to cure me of rebasing syndrome!