Friday, 8 January 2010

15mm French Guard Chasseurs (Off Topic #13)

I’ll start with an apology because I am sorry to say I have no new Hinton Hunt offerings to post. This has mainly been caused by the disruption of the festive period but also by a slight slump in painting enthusiasm. With a house move looming on the horizon in February output will probably remain quite low and I don’t think I will be tackling any full units until after the move.

That said I have managed to finish this unit of 15mm Battle Honours French Imperial Guard Chasseurs. I say finish because they were an eBay purchase made before Christmas and I was the victim of a dodgy photo because they’ve needed far more work than I had anticipated. The biggest problem was trying to find a way to attach two new wire sabres and the top of the flag but I think I got there in the end. However at a quid each it wasn’t a bad deal I guess and I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out.

This unit is to be added to my Waterloo period 15mm armies for use with the Age of Eagles rule set. My initial aim is to amass enough troops for the Quatre Bras scenario included in the book and I’m not too far off this now.

I do have another HH personality figure in the pipeline that I hope to be able to post on soon so watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I have a long (and painful) story about a certain Guard Chasseur officer!!!

They are very neat unit, in fact my next unit was going to be either the Chasseurs or Dragoons of the Guard. I went for the Dragoons simply because I had them all undercoated.

Good luck with the impending house move and I hope the painting mojo returns soon!


Stryker said...

Thanks for that Matt. The last time we moved it was over three years before I picked up a 00 paint brush - plenty of the bigger sort though!


Rafael Pardo said...

My best wishes for your house move...
I hope that your new house has a wargaming room or, at least, space to unfold a gaming table!

Lee said...

Good luck with the move Ian, and I look forward to seeing you return to the Hinton's again in due course.


lewisgunner said...

Yes, its a small problem with Ebay (the larger ones being rich North Americans!!.
Sometimes a unit that is mainly black undercoat with only touches of colour looks great in a well lit photo and then turns out to have been very crudely painted when opened!!
Its most dispiriting. However, the good news is that with too little paint on them the figures can be saved. If iots too much paint then the figures are often ruined as further painting makes the clag worse.

Stryker said...

Rafa & Lee - thanks for the good wishes re the move. Don't worry though I'm sure I'll find somehwere to put up a small wargame table!

Roy - I only have myself to blame on this one as I would never usually buy painted figures with no close up photo, buyer beware and all that...