Sunday, 10 February 2008

On Manoeuvres

The men were getting restless stuck in the wargame cabinet so I ordered them out on manoeuvres to blow away the cobwebs.

Once in the field I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of Swedes about, perhaps because I can paint them faster than the other types as they are refurbished rather than painted from scratch. Taking a leaf from the imaginary SYW camp I decided therefore to form the "Federation of the North" consisting of Swedes, Russians and Austrians. The picture shows a brigade going through their drill - click on the image for a closer look.

An unusual aspect of building armies from vintage figures is that you can only create units from what you can find. This has resulted in some odd hybrid units such as the Anglo-Austrian battalion made up of renegade British sailors and Hungarian Grenadiers, but more of that some other time.

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Stokes Schwartz said...

One word-- GORGEOUS!

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