Thursday, 28 February 2008

Eagle Guard

And here they are - the Eagle Guard of the French 45th Regiment of the Line. Historically the Colour Guard was made up of the Porte-Aigle, a veteran of 10 years service, and two sergeants with similarly impressive credentials. As I have no sergeants I have substituted 2 Officer figures. The picture shows:

FN4 Colour Bearer Charging
FN1 Officer Charging

The Eagle Bearer figure has a flag cast on the pole. Hinton Hunt Figures only produced 2 Flag Bearer figures in their entire Napoleonic range, this French one and a British infantry bearer (both Regimental and Kings Colours). The flag on this model actually has the battle honours of the 45th engraved on it - Austerlitz, Friedland, Essling, Jena & Wagram. Hinton must have had darn good eyesight because I struggled to follow this incredible detail with my paintbrush.

The Guard’s job was to defend the Eagle from all comers. The Scots Greys captured this one at Waterloo but as I don’t have any Hinton Hunt Greys I recon it should be safe. Anyway, as already noted, my 45th have two Eagles due to a lack of infantrymen so they have a better than usual chance of preserving their honour.

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