Sunday, 3 February 2008

French Fusiliers

These ghostly looking fellows are Hinton Hunt French Line Fusiliers. They look battle weary, perhaps veterans of many a hard fight or maybe they have just been kept in a loft for 30 years? Either way they have been a bit problematic for me. I only have 18 of the advancing figures plus a command group of 3 figures and have been looking for the missing 3 men to make up the unit for nearly a year and a half. Finally I have decided to wait no longer and have inserted a second command group to make up the numbers.

This is a last look at them before they enter a jar of bleach to be reborn as sparkling new castings. These ones have actually been painted up as light infantry but they will soon be parading in new uniforms as a battalion of the 45th Regiment of the Line. The figures here are:

FN5 Fusilier Charging
FN4 Colour Bearer Charging

In keeping with the Old School theme of this project I will be fielding separate units of French Fusiliers and Grenadiers rather than a more historical mix of companies. When I first started wargaming I had no idea about unit organisation so a French battalion has to be all of one figure type to create the authentic feel.

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