Sunday, 7 February 2016

Two Swallows nests does not a summer make

And judging by the weather today this is definitely true.

I’ve spent what little hobby time I had this week trying to convert one of my Prussian cuirassiers into a bugler for the regiment. Creating a bugler for my cavalry units has become a bit of a point of honour for me and for this I blame Roy entirely.

 In this photo my lovingly sculpted swallows nests look like grey blobs but actually they're pretty good.

My problem this time is that all 12 cuirassier castings I have are good ones – there are 10 vintage figures and 2 Clayton’s. All the swords are perfect and the flash (from the vintage figures) had already been removed by the original owner. There are hardly any imperfections except for some pitting on the bases of the Clayton ones and one slightly dodgy hoof. Nothing to suggest which of them should sacrifice his sword for the conversion.

Reproduced here without permission so please buy the book (it really is a brilliant book)

Then while flicking through my copy of “An illustrated encyclopaedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic wars” (as you do) I came upon a solution. There is an illustration therein of a Prussian cuirassier NCO bugler with his bugle on his back leaving his sword arm free. A Eureka moment - however the conversion still required me to fashion two swallows nests on his shoulders (not too difficult using Magic Sculp) and a bugle to strap on his back (very, very difficult and not to be recommended).

So there we go – one week, 2 Swallow’s nests and a rather strange looking bugle (too strange to show here yet).


the Archduke said...

Respect, as ever. I haven't graduated beyond stealing existing trumpets from other figures. An advantage of leaving the chap with his sword is that you don't have to put a hilt onto the scabbard. I have bought into the moral compulsion to make trumpeters for cavalry units and drummers for infantry. Roy has a lot to answer for.
ps if I may use the blog for personal messages, Mr Bateman sends his regards to Roy.

Conrad Kinch said...

Very nice work there sir. What make of figure is that.? I ask because I will need to add some Prussian Cuirassiers to the forces before too long.

Stryker said...

Archduke - Roy does indeed have a lot to answer for!

Conrad - the figure is a genuine Hinton Hunt. It might be worth checking with John C if he has any repros?

Wellington Man said...

Bravo, Ian! I couldn't work out how to make any swallows' nests for my Prussian hussar trumpeter, so I just painted 'em on.

Stryker said...

Matt - yes and mighty fine they look!

lewisgunner said...

Yes, but the conversion genius is Mr Bateman. When we can, Ian, we should take a few pics of some of the best units that the wizard of Norwich has done for ne. Some really nice stuff and quite esoteric units.

Stryker said...

Roy - yes we must make time next time I come over!