Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Groovy baby!

I was looking through the Vintage Waterloo photos when it occurred to me that this one had a great 60s quality about it. Lots of Hinton Hunt figures in it of course but there’s also a tape measure in use (photos back then always showed some bloke using a tape measure – presumably to make it look like they were playing a serious game) not to mention Napoleon, Wellington, Picton and La Haye Sainte all in shot .

We all know that Callan played with toy soldiers but what a trick they missed when they filmed Austin Powers


the Archduke said...

and it shows off the nice Guards officer's bearskin to perfection. I hope he survived.

Anonymous said...

An excellent photo, thanks for sharing.

With regards cavalry and your rules, a cavalry regiment is 18 figures, in 3 ranks of 6, can they be in two ranks of 9? And will 2 regiments brigaded together, work in 2 ranks of 18? Just considering different cavalry formations.


Wellington Man said...

Classic stuff, Ian.

Any dates in mind for the next mighty clash?

lewisgunner said...

We really should have played in tweed jackets and twill trousers and worn collar and tie.
Should have said 'Is that Mercer's battery old chap ?'. and 'I say , fine shooting by the Horse Artillery of the Guard'

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps!

Archduke - no Guards officers were hurt in the making of Vintage Waterloo!

Paul - we changed cavalry units to 12 figures and they can operate in 2 ranks of 6 or 3 ranks of 4. In fact we only used the 2 rank formation for Vintage Waterloo. The latest version of the rules can be downloaded from the blog by following the link under 'Rules & Stuff' (near the top on the right). If you want to use 18 figure units they should be in 3 ranks.

Matt - no date for any epic games but Roy and I hope to get together for a 'small' one next month!

Dave said...

This post inspired me to watch the old Callan episodes featuring wargaming on Youtube. 'A magnum for Schneider' is a bit lame, the wargames don't look like anything I would recognise from the hobby, but 'Act of kindness' is spot on.

Stryker said...

Cheers Dave - when I was a kid Callan briefly made wargaming cool rather than nerdy - a great TV series too!