Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Vintage Waterloo – more photos

Here (in no particular order) are a few more photos from the Vintage Waterloo play-test game that Roy and I had last week. Remember that you can click on an image to zoom right in (I don't use the lightbox feature for that reason).

Looking just a tad Gilder-esque - even if I do say so myself!

The Prussian lancers in the front rank are the DK Landwehr ones superbly painted for me by the talented Matt B. My Naumarkisches Dragoons are supporting them to make up one ad-hoc 12 figure unit.

You can never have too many Jagers - the Prussian skirmish screen presses on towards Placenoit.

On the other side of the village a division from D'Erlon's corps moves to block the Prussian advance (yes I know there were no Swiss troops at Waterloo but there was NO way I was leaving them off the table!).

You can never have too many Riflemen - this slightly imbalanced the skirmishing in favour of the allies but who cares as I was playing Wellington.

Another shot of the Emperor and his staff near La Belle Alliance. There are three batteries of Guard foot artillery about to trundle up the road and start bombarding La Haye Sainte.

Reille's corps, supported by heavy cavalry, move forward towards Hougoumont. There were eight infantry battalions to represent Reille's command.

Wellington and his staff looking nervously down the road towards La Haye Sainte. These are all personality figures from my own collection - from left to right, Picton, Uxbridge, Alten, Wellington, Delancy & Hill.

I still don’t feel that these photos adequately convey the full spectacle of the table but I hope they give a glimpse at least – I’ll try harder next time.


Wellington Man said...

Darn it, Ian, you're making me late for work! These are absolutely breathtaking. Matt

Stryker said...

Don't worry Matt why not have a 'sicky' and stay home painting?

the Archduke said...

Methinks you're still too hard on your photography. These are wonderful. Are we allowed to know the respective strengths of the armies, and how you are going to time the arrival of the Prussians?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, in particular I like the photo of Reilles corps advancing.


Stryker said...

Archduke - I'm intending to do a post soon with my ideas on the scenario including the OOB.

the Archduke said...

Excellent news. I'm sure I'm not alone in finding this re-run the best thing since, well, the last one. I can't stop painting cuirassiers......

Anonymous said...

Look forward to the OOB


paulalba said...

Lovely set up Ian, you can't beat a battlefield of painted toy soldiers!