Friday, 17 July 2015


Well, not really mercenaries as these tough looking chaps are only on loan having been sent to me this week by a kind blog follower to help bolster the British forces for Vintage Waterloo. As you can see they are mostly Hinton Hunt but there are a few Alberken and SHQ figures as well.

 With this many British riflemen on the table any mounted French officers had better keep a sharp lookout!

As there is a full unit of 24 figures I was thinking that maybe they could represent Major Baring’s KGL rifles at La Haye Sainte although Roy may already have this covered.

The oversized hand on this officer is a nice example of Hinton Hunt flash metal. The painting of the buttons and lace is exquisite (click image to zoom in).

Also arriving here this week have been the 30th Foot (painted by Lee) and a squadron of Prussian Landwehr cavalry (painted by Matt B) together with a mystery personality figure – more on these once I get them based up.

Roy and I are hoping to get together next Friday – I have no idea just how much stuff Roy has managed to assemble but I’m thinking it will be a lot!


MSFoy said...

The Rifles officer isn't picking his nose, is he...?

Stryker said...

Tony - I know you're not the biggest fan of Hinton Hunt but clearly he is blowing a whistle!

MSFoy said...

Oh yes - of course he is. Apologies.

By the way, I am a surprisingly big fan of Hinton Hunt - especially when they are painted as beautifully as the ones on your blog. They are, after all, exactly what we all wanted to have all those years ago - how could I not love them?

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice unit of rifles

paulalba said...

Looking really nice Ian, great great!!!