Thursday, 27 November 2014

Guest Appearance #4

Continuing with the Scottish theme Don sent me some photos of his superb Hinton Hunt highlanders this week. He says that these were all painted “long ago, back when I had more patience and sanity”. I think painting 3 kilted regiments would push the best of us over the edge but I love the effect Don has achieved here distinguishing the different tartans.

The 42nd Black Watch. The officer figure is BN30 - I have one of these, a lovely figure.

The 92nd Gordons comprised of BN33 Highland Private (charging).

The 79th Camerons (I think) - love the tartan on these lads!

The 71st Highland Light Infantry. Don has used British light infantry figures BN93, BN96, BN90 and the rifles bugler BN20 to represent this splendid unit.

The command stand features General Picton BN253, a Sergeant BN31 and a beautifully painted DK regimental flag!

Great stuff and a real encouragement to get me working on my own version of the 42nd.


the Archduke said...

er yes. That's what the DK colour bearer looks like. Deep respect for the paint job. Personally, it was the chequered bands on the bonnets that drove me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I've got to finish my 71st (Hat plastics), touch up my Airfix Highlander regiment and start an SHQ Highlander regiment so I may be struggling.

Phil said...

Well done, love the command stand!

'Lee. said...

Those are great figures! I'm sure your unit will be every bit as good judging by your test figure Ian, it's very good indeed.