Monday, 7 October 2013

Grumbler standard bearer – Update

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post and in particular to Tony who sent me this photo of a genuine Hinton Hunt Old Guard standard bearer he recruited into the ranks of King Joseph’s Royal Guard.

My faith in Marcus Hinton’s work is restored because this chap looks to be a far superior bit of sculpting to the figure I have just painted.

I’ve come around to thinking that the figure I have is possibly a Der Kreigspieler offering as Simon commented that he has an original Hinton Hunt casting and a Clayton one and they are identical.

Does anybody know for sure?


MSFoy said...

How about this one - original series (prior to amendment sheets) did not have an OG porte-aigle, so someone converted one from the charging officer, before the official one existed? Yes - all right, all right - it does seem odd that he would use the flag from the line infantry standard bearer - I admit I don't think much of it as a theory...(!)

Stryker said...

I think we now have the answer thanks to Don in the US (who sent me the figures in question). He obtained the figures circa 1970, and thinks they were either DK or from 'The Replacement Depot' (another long defunct company with a bit of a thing about Hinton Hunt). That puts these figures at over 40 years old - now that really is Old Guard...