Sunday, 25 August 2013

A plan at last

The conventional way to collect a wargame army is to first plan out what you want in the way of unit types and number of troops and then buy the figures and paint them. In this project I haven’t been able to do that simply because of the random way in which I have been forced to acquire figures due to their limited availability and varying cost.

Up until now this has not really been a problem to me as the ‘old school’ element of the project has meant I haven’t been worried about bizarre OOB’s and strange alliances (Swedes with French etc). However, at the last game I played with Roy, I realised that having British troops allied to the French was possibly going a step too far.

As a result of this I have decided to focus on finishing off my French army and to this end have decided that it will be comprised as follows:

5 x units Line Infantry
2 x units Guard Infantry
6 x companies of Skirmishers (36 figures)
3 x Foot Batteries (including 1 Guard)
1 x unit Line Light Cavalry
1 x unit Line Heavy Cavalry
1 x unit Guard Cavalry
1 x Horse Artillery Battery (Guard)

This is the maximum in the way of figures I feel is practicable for one player to command in a single playing session without running out of time or space to play on my 8’ x 4’ table.

Still to paint are:

2 x units Guard Infantry (48 figures)
2 x squadrons Guard Cavalry (12 figures)
1 x squadron Line Light Cavalry (6 figures)
1 x Foot Battery (4 figures)

That’s the plan then…


Rafael Pardo said...

You have recovered the good sense... French and British were as oil and water... isn't it? ;-P

Anonymous said...

My plans change every week!

Kev said...

Hi IAN- Good- You have a Plan. My table is 4ft wide- but 11ft long- still need to think out what can be accommodated. Thanks for Following my Blog- Yes, back into Gaming and Painting Figures- this time I'm re-visiting a hobby I had 25 years ago. Enjoying it very much.
Best Wishes IAN. Regards. KEV.

lewisgunner said...

it is vero 'old school' to have guard and line in the same army. the modern thing is to reproduce actual divisions and brigades which gives a force of light and line infantry, plus guns and generally a light cavalry brigade. God forbid that one regiment of heavy cavalry should appear in the mix for it should be brigaded with the other heavy cavalry and fight mainly either other heavy cavalry brigades. oras an army level weapon. So having some guard and some heavy cavalry in your force is very 60s and 70s.

Stryker said...

Roy - yes that is true but it will also give me a better chance of routing your Russians!

Captain Nolan said...

Now that you are increasing your Tyrolean Jaegers to 24 figures, will you be revising the 36 French skirmishers up to 48?

Is your plan still the same as you listed it in this August 2013 posting?

Is there a plan for the FON (Foes of Napoleon) Army?

Stryker said...

Nolan - yes I will be increasing the French skirmishers to form 2 complete units and also the British Rifles to a full 24 figure unit. My plan does change and evolve as time goes by and new troops arrive. Currently the French army is projected to have 12 infantry battalions including 4 guard. The allies are a bit harder - I don't plan to add anymore Austrians so I will either concentrate on the British or the Prussians.