Monday, 9 July 2012

Polish Drummer – 2

Last night I took the plunge and had a go at converting a Hinton Hunt Polish Fusilier into a drummer. I was inspired by Steve’s lovely conversion (click here) and also by Roy’s gentle nudging to “embrace the possibilities of converting”.

So I snipped off the musket from a casting of WN.13 Fusilier, advancing and glued on a drum from a Prussian drummer then added two brass rod drumsticks. Amazingly it all went very well and I’m very pleased with the result.

Now I wouldn’t normally advocate the butchering of Hinton Hunt castings but the Prussian drummer was already missing his head (someone had previously converted him into a Nassau drummer by a bit of cut and paste) and the Fusilier wasn’t actually a vintage figure – so I think it’s all o.k.

I can see all sorts of possibilities opening up now…


Ulrich von Boffke said...

Very nice! Can hardly wait to see him all painted up and joining the ranks.

Best Regards,


MSFoy said...

Sacrilege! - you're the kind of chap that would deface a coin of the realm...

It's OK - as long as you mention it at confession. In fact that's a super job, young sir - I'm very impressed, and looking forward to seeing how he paints up.

I have a number of HH conversions, and somehow it's always more comfortable if I obtain them already converted!

Nice work.

Cheers - Tony

paulalba said...

wow, you have caught the converting bug. Down this road lays insanity.
Fine work Ian!!!

tidders said...

Nice conversion; he'll fit in nice with the rest of the polish

-- Allan

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps!

lewisgunner said...

OK gang drummer conversions. These are IMHO best done from marching figures as the musket is easily removed. Then you pop on a drum f rom the Stone Mountain Miniatures ACW range. They sell separate drums (and also separate muskets that can be useful and spades and picks and bugles, though I prefer the bugles bigger!,)
The SM drums come with an little spigot on them so just drill the hole for attachment and glue it on. Put in two pins for the dr,umsticks and we are really good.
If. You are Stryker and a veritable Micaelangelo of the plastic arts then you can green stuff on an apron or even used thin paper for the apron.
Now Ian has taken the plunge we look forward to many more conversions. I just. Hope that wasn't,t an original HH Prussia n trimmer.