Saturday, 21 July 2012

More Drummers

Steve sent me this picture of some more of his Hinton Hunt drummer conversions.

I’m not sure exactly what they all represent but they certainly are pretty. My favourite is the Austrian one at the right of the line up. I’m starting to think that my Austrian 51st Gabriel Spleny regiment could use a chap just like this (they currently have a Clayton produced one). I think the second one from the left may be a Wurtemberger.

More food for thought, although I must not get distracted!


Anonymous said...

Conversions certainly make a unique collection even more, well, unique!

Stryker said...

They certainly do, but in my case they will be remaining very much in the minority!

Paul said...

Hi Ian
They are very nice models, I particularly like the Wurtemberger do you know if the charging or marching figure was used ?

I feel a conversion coming on


lewisgunner said...

Most Excellent!!
Great Eye Candy on this blog.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
He certainly would look good amongst your Austrians but is he a hungarian?

Stryker said...

Paul(1) - I'm not sure which figure has been used but would guess charging.

Paul(2) - My Austrians are actually Hungarians (I forgot!) so he would fit in just fine!