Friday, 8 June 2012

Pole Volts

I painted this (click here) test figure for the 8th Polish Regiment almost two years ago so I think that it’s time I got on and painted the whole unit. To this end I’ve been cleaning up the castings and getting them ready for undercoating.

WN.26 Officer, marching + WN.23 Voltigeur, charging

The six figures above make up the Voltigeur Company (my stylised units have six-figure Companies and the 8th will have two of Fusiliers, one of Voltigeurs and one of Grenadiers). The only vintage figure in this line up is the chap on the right of the front line; the others are later but quite decent castings of unknown origin.

When I was sorting through the various Polish figures in the lead pile I noticed something fishy about some ones with tall plumes that I had initially mistaken for Fusiliers. The Hinton Hunt Polish Fusilier figure has a pom-pom and no epaulets and the Grenadiers have bearskins so I eventually deduced that someone had created their own Grenadiers with “Lancer Caps” from the Fusilier model WN.13.

 The "fishy" Pole is on the left, WN.13 is on the right

This was fine though because it has been an easy job to turn them back into the Fusiliers I require by snipping off the plume and taking a file to the epaulets. I do hope it doesn’t take me another two years to finish this lot off.


lewisgunner said...

AAGH touch not those plumes they are the Voltigeurs!!!
And standard Marcus Hinton models!!!


Paul said...

Hi Ian

I have some of these hybrid poles as well

what i find puzzling is they apear bigger than the WN 13 figures


Stryker said...

Roy - fear not, the ones in the first picture are the real deal and their plumes are safe from my tin snips!

It's the one on the left in the second picture that's the Fusilier variant.

Paul - the figures I have are the same size as WN13 but their bases are completely flat and have no code markings so I don't think they can be official figures.

lewisgunner said...

Its alright I have calmed down. Looks like someone was trying to create a voltigeur. Now that could possibly be Clayton??, though I thought he would punch in a number.
Anyway, amn intriguing figure.