Friday, 10 February 2012

Desert Rats (Off Topic #21)

You’ve probably noticed the odd Desert Rat creeping into one or two of my pictures in the last few posts. To put an end to their rather unsubtle attempts to muscle in, I thought it best to post a proper picture of the completed infantry section.

The figures are Airfix ones from the WWII British 8th Army set, and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed painting them. I’m also rather proud of my efforts to convert the advancing rifleman pose into an advancing bren-gunner (that’s the figure on the left of the line-up).

Next up on the Hinton Hunt front will be another personality figure followed shortly by some more Prussian Jagers.


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite sets done very well. The Bren gunner is very convincing. Brings back all those War Picture Library & Commando memories!

Stryker said...

Thanks Matt - my WWII house rules are called 'Combat' named after the US TV show in the sixties (you'll be too young to remember that!). Each episode consisted of Vic Morrow and 1 or 2 GI's patrolling some woods occasionally coming across the odd Kraut. It was riveting stuff at the time!