Sunday, 5 February 2012

Christmas Comes Early

I’m not just referring to the snow. When we got back home from work yesterday there was a parcel waiting for me from Douglas. Now he told me he was going to send a few old 20mm soldiers that were lurking in his attic but I certainly wasn’t expecting this!

After a very enjoyable hour or so sorting through the castings it turns out that there are in excess of 150 Hinton Hunt figures – a mixture of vintage and Clayton ones. There are also some other types, possibly Minifigs S Range but I’m not so well up on identifying those.

It would seem that Napoleon is the biggest winner in this haul of new recruits, as he will gain another unit of French Fusiliers, a unit each of Line and Elite Voltigeurs, half a unit of Polish infantry and a unit of dismounted Dragoons. The Duke acquires another unit of Nassau Grenadiers (although their loyalty has been questionable of late), a Company of British Light Infantry and several Austrian Artillery crews.

All I can say is roll on my Birthday…


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thats a collection in itself!

Rafael Pardo said...

Congratulations... Santa comes always with snow!

The Old Metal Detector said...

Nice find. If you had pictures of the S range I could have a go at identifying them for you

Stryker said...

Clive - I've posted some pics on the ID network Blog.

'grambo' said...

That is amazing Ian. I really do wonder how many thousands of these old figures must be tucked away in lofts and draws around the country!Fantastic addition to your collection.



Stryker said...

Hi Lee - yes, what's beginning to become apparent to me is the sheer volume of figures Hinton Hunt must have produced.

Of course, the ultimate 'loft find' for me would be coming across my original collection from the 1970s!


paulalba said...

Wow what a fantastic addition to your collection!!!

lewisgunner said...

Its an interesting thought. Some people had very large collections back in the 60s when the figures were expensive. Somewhere those armies are presumably hiding. There were also large numbers of pirates, some good, some awful.
I expect that much of the HH stock is in lofts gathering dust or worse still was binned by unsympathetic wives or heirs.