Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Emperor’s Daughters

During our visit to London back in the summer we spent half a day looking around The Tower of London. While we were there I snapped this picture of some Napoleonic French artillery pieces that had been captured during the Waterloo campaign.

Captured French artillery pieces at The Tower of London 

It wasn’t really clear if these pieces had been captured on the main battlefield or if they were acquired at some other point during the campaign but it was slightly eerie to see such a tangible link to the Napoleonic past. Only the cannons themselves are original, the carriages being later – but accurate - reconstructions. I took the picture mainly to help me try to get the right colour green for my own model guns and I finally settled on Foundry 28B Phlegm Green as the closest match. I am lucky to have been given two Hinton Hunt French guns (A/3) some time ago and wanted to give my Guard Foot Artillery crew one of these original HH models to serve.

The Emperor with his daughter  (Hinton Hunt A/3)

I have mentioned before that Hinton Hunt artillery models are a bit out of scale with the figures being on the small side. However, it seems only right and proper to assign one of these rarities to the Guard.


Conrad Kinch said...

A terrifying prospect. Nice work on the well by the way.

DeanM said...

Nice photos; loves those guns. Best, Dean

paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Didn't realise there were many of the old guns left. Cool pic and cool.

It reminds me of Russian tank green from the vehicles I seen in the museums of Eastern Europe.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great work on the cannon

Rafael Pardo said...

You were lucky to see the true green color!
Are these guns 12 lb?

Stryker said...

Hi Rafa - Sorry but I don't remember what calibre they are. They didn't seem very large so I'm guessing 8pdr?


Ken said...

I tried to comment that I wouldn't want to be hit by either a 8lb or 12lb ball!