Sunday, 27 November 2011

Guard Foot Artillery

Just to prove that I do sometimes still paint my own figures I have spent the last week or so working on a French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery crew. My crews consist of four figures and the ones I have just completed are all lovely crisp old vintage castings.

Pictured here is FN/172 Gunner ramming home and I thought I’d give you a sneak preview before I base him up with his three colleagues ready for action. I have a genuine vintage Hinton Hunt French Field gun for the completed crew to serve and I’ll post on that in due course.

I followed the Hinton Hunt painting instructions for this figure as closely as I could and was intrigued to see that Marcus Hinton gives the collars and cuffs as blue piped in red. In every other source I’ve seen the Guard Artillery have solid red collars and cuffs but Mr Hinton knew a thing or two about military uniforms so I will stick with him on this one.

Thanks to Clive for supplying me with the HH painting instruction sheet.


MSFoy said...

Hi Ian - that is a very classy gunner indeed - I wish my HHs looked like that. Is it my imagination, or is your house painting style getting shinier?

Lovely anyway. I was having an idle ponder about the poor guy's outfit - that is a very hot, physical job. If it was you firing the guns, wouldn't you get rid of the musket? And that hat - I mean, come on, no-one needs that. And white gaiters? These soldiers must have been more scared of the sergeant than they were of the enemy!

Super little figure - nice job


Stryker said...

Tony - no I don't think its your imagination my "satin" varnish only wants dry glossy now, although I don't think the lighting in the photo helps much.

I had the same thoughts re the uniform as I painted him - I can't believe he would have kept his pack on or musket slung in action! The white gaiters would be a problem too and I noted that MH says the Officer should have black gloves which at least seems a bit more practical.

Glad you like him.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
I think every French Napoleonic army needs a Guard gun and crew to make them look right.

Look forward to seeing them finished off.

Rafael Pardo said...

Another nice addition... I always did love the stylish bearskin of the Foot Imperial Artillery
Best regards