Friday, 23 September 2011

You’re nae Ney, I’m Ney!

Actually they’re both FN/354 Marshal Ney but the one on the left is the result of a subtle conversion job by the previous owner whilst the slightly scary looking one on the right is the unadulterated version. I’ve had the converted one for some time but the other one is a new arrival and it’s been interesting to compare the two. Actually I think I like the converted figure the most.

You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Michel Ney – he was definitely one of Napoleon’s greatest Marshals and his performance during the retreat from Moscow was nothing short of heroic. I know he changed sides a couple of times during his career but then many of the other Marshals did the same and they didn’t all end up in front of a firing squad as he did.

I suppose I must count myself lucky to have two Neys in my army. If Napoleon had been so fortunate during the Hundred Days things may well have turned out differently for him.


MSFoy said...

Ian - the guy in the green hat is at least the sort of figure you can strip with a clear conscience! I'm not sure whether he or his horse looks more terrified.

I saw this figure for sale - there is currently an even more scary Marshal Soult from the same seller - psychedelic uniform, painted (long ago) without removing the flash. It's a bit like mining for jewels - there's a work of art in there waiting to be carved out.

Interested to know what was converted about the other figure - he looks good, but pretty original.

All good stuff. I'm recovering from some heavy bleach sessions myself - lots of fresh air and hand lotion.


Rafael Pardo said...

I lke most the original one!

Stryker said...

Tony - It's not much of a conversion really, just a twist of the head and some tampering with the horse's front legs. The paint job on the new one is so weird I'm wondering if it may be a "factory painted" one - any ideas?

Rafa - I'm not so sure, and to be honest I feel uneasy if I'm alone with him in the room - those eyes seem to follow me...

Red_Cardinal said...

It's always possible that he's not painted as a Napoleonic general?

MSFoy said...

I reckon the paint job is by someone at North Berwick Nursery & Toddlers' Club - I've seen their work before. The eyes are certainly similar to the factory standard spec, admittedly.


Lee said...

What an odd figure :-) He really is rather frightening as you say! I almost spilt my coffee laughing when I saw that. I think you must do something quickly. He also appears very 'flat' somehow?

I'm trying to picture Foy's 'Soult' in psychedelic uniform too, sounds wonderful.

Cheers Ian,

lewisgunner said...

Has anyone seen the pictures of Grouchy in his green uniform. That does look impressive!