Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Battle of The Farm – Part Two

While the cavalry melee developed on his left the Duke of Wellington was urging his Allies to advance on the opposite flank. General Mack hesitated slightly as he tried to make sense of his map but eventually he led the Splendid Splenys forward with the Russians moving on his right and beyond them Marshal Vorwarts with the Prussian Landwehr.

The Allied columns move forward

The Emperor saw the danger to his left flank and ordered one of his reserve Battalions of Swedes over to support the 45th Ligne.

Napoleon at his HQ behind the Farm orders up some reserves

All the time the French skirmishers were causing considerable annoyance to the Allies even though the Austrian Jagers were trying hard to contain them.

Elite French Voltigeurs from the 10th Legere firing from the vegetable garden

Goaded into action, one company of Jagers closed to contact with the enemy skirmishers and engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand combat amongst the cabbages. Sadly for the Allies they were repulsed.

Rule – Skirmishers: Skirmishers may melee with other skirmishers – pair off and roll one die each, highest wins (+1 for elites).

Tough fighting in the cabbage patch

With the advance from his right under way the Duke now ordered forward the Nassauers and the Naval Brigade in line formation. They immediately came under heavy fire from the Grenadiers in the Farm and casualties started to mount.

The infantry will advance…

To be continued.


Rafael Pardo said...

It seems an equilibrated game, but the skirmishing combat seems too vicius for me.

Stryker said...

Rafa - the combat may be a bit harsh but at least it leads to a rapid conclusion!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Wonderful pix. I'm curious about the B&W ones. Very effective and clean, and do impart an attractive antique look.

One possibility if the H-to-H combat seems too vicious is to require a two-pip advantage on the die rolls (as done in Charge!). Either way, small numbers can lead to some very unexpected results!
Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

Stryker said...

Hello Archduke - glad you like the photos, I always enjoy turning a few of them black & white for that 60s throw-back feel!

The two-pip idea is a good one and I will give it some thought.