Friday, 8 July 2011

Clearing the decks

I’ve been trying to clear up my painting desk and get rid of a few bits and bobs that have been hanging around for far too long so that I can concentrate once again on painting Hinton Hunts. My hobby time has been pretty limited of late and I can see no change in that situation on the horizon so it seems like a good idea to try and be a bit more focused.

My 15mm ACW project is getting tantalisingly close to being completed (yes I did say completed!). I only have to paint up three more infantry stands and I’ll have all the forces I need for my Henry House Hill Fire & Fury scenario. Just finished are a batch of limbers – I don’t like painting limbers very much and some of these were undercoated in the late 90s - better late than never I guess.

Then of course there is a little distraction in the shape of a Crimean War Russian artillery gun and crew. So what on earth am I doing wasting valuable painting time on that? Well I was in the local Model Shop and I saw this tempting looking box from Emhar (you know how it is) and anyway, I’ve always wanted to paint some Crimean War stuff. Hopefully that’s the beginning and end of my Crimean War project.

Waiting patiently at the back of the desk are the remaining five HH Polish Guard lancers – I will be finishing them soon.


Anonymous said...

The plastic figures of today are rather tempting, good luck with resisting the Crimea!

paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
We all need to clear our decks from time to time! These are looking really good. The lancer also looks the business.

Stryker said...

Thanks chaps!

Matt - luckily the only other Crimean War set that Emhar make is a British Cavalry set (I don't like the look of the Strelets figures). I mean, what use would it be just having Russian guns and British Cavalry, hey wait a minute...


Conrad Kinch said...

Slow but steady wins the race.