Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cavalry Review

Not much painting going on so here's a picture of Stapleton-Cotton, Ponsonby and Wellington at the recent Allied Light Cavalry review.

In the background the Austrian and Brunswick Hussars are being put through their paces.

I'm still working on those Polish Lancers (well I have the horses done - almost) but it may be a little while before they are completed and ready for a photo.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Looking forward o seeing the Polish Lancers.

Thanks for the tip with Fiefox as it sorted out my main blogger problem. Managed to sort out the follower problem with a little messing around.

Rafael Pardo said...

I miss Picton but he was an infantry commander isn't it?
Waitng to see the full review!
Best regards

Ken said...

Interesting tip with the small writing!

Conrad Kinch said...

They look well - I have my eye on the Brunswick Hussars.