Friday, 8 April 2011

Polish Lancer Update

It’s taken me three painting sessions to get this one the way I want him to look. I always paint a test figure prior to mass-producing a unit because these Hinton Hunt castings can be very tricky customers. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes a piece of detail I carefully follow with the brush just suddenly disappears in a disconcerting way (I had a similar experience once driving through Spain when the road suddenly disappeared but that’s another story).

In this particular case one of the straps to the sword scabbard turned through 60 degrees and ended up in the middle of nowhere. At first I thought maybe it was some extra cavalry accoutrement that I’d never come across before but after thumbing through my various Uniform books I realized it was just a mistake in the sculpting. Interestingly (interesting in an Anorak sort of way) when I checked a *Der Kriegspieler casting of a Guard Lancer I found that it had exactly the same fault.

Anyway, after spending all of my hobby time this week fussing around with this one figure I must now move on to the more tedious task of painting up his five colleagues – all to be completed by the end of this month according to my rigorous schedule.

*Der Kriegspieler was a range of US produced figures contemporary with Hinton Hunt.


The Old Metal Detector said...

I like that description as "comtemporary with". Very diplomatic choice of words

Stryker said...

Hi Clive - not particularly diplomatic, just trying to avoid any writs!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent little jewels

lewisgunner said...

I don't think DK exist to send a writ. Besides which they pirated HH and not the other way around so you would win in court!!!

Good piece of detective work. You should open up the Wargames Cold Case unit.


Stryker said...

Roy - what a great idea, I could call it "Waking the Lead".