Sunday, 13 March 2011

Quality Geek Time #2

Last night I put my 6 x FN43 French Guard Lancers into a pot of bleach to strip the old paintwork and this morning when I scrubbed off the paint I had a pleasant surprise. The figure that I thought had had its original lance removed (look here) actually turned out to be FN44 Lancer (mounted) charging with separate lance. This is one of the advantages of repainting these old figures because I never would have spotted this without removing the old paint. For some reason Marcus Hinton chose to make two versions of the one-piece Guard Lancer figure, the first with the traditional Hinton Hunt “telegraph pole” lance moulded to the body, and this figure with a separate lance arm (with thinner lance) to be stuck on. Anyway, I just felt I should share this with the rest of the Hinton Hunt geek world as nobody else here is likely to be very interested.


Conrad Kinch said...

What is the internet for - if not for sharing news of these little victories with those as cam appreciate them?

Stryker said...

Why thanks Conrad - I feel less of a geek already!


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Really interesting watching you peel back the past.