Saturday, 5 March 2011

La Haye Sainte

Quite some time ago I bought an Airfix model of La Haye Sainte on eBay thinking that it might be a nice terrain centrepiece for the Hinton Hunts to have a scrap over. I bought it before we moved last year and it has been off the radar in terms of modelling priorities since then. However, following the Battle of the Crossroads the Duke of Wellington has been looking for a position with a decent stronghold on which to anchor the Allied line against any further French aggression.

The Duke and Sir Stapleton Cotton investigate the defensive properties of the farm

I used to own one of these models back in the early 70s when it regularly took part in battles waged on my bedroom floor between large armies of unpainted Airfix Napoleonic figures. I never glued it together because I didn’t really have the space to store it so it was usually in a pretty ruined state by the end of hostilities. This time though I have given the model the full treatment by sticking it to an MDF base and painting and flocking it.

Mercer and one of his men are digging potatoes in the garden (or are they cannon balls?)

I’m actually pretty impressed with my own handiwork because I’ve never really attempted much in the way of scenic items before. Even Mrs S seemed to like it “that’s very nice and very sad all at the same time”. Well sad maybe (I’m reminded of the episode of The Royle Family where Dave makes a toy farm for baby David) but at least the Duke seems grateful and he has just put in a request to Horse Guards for some Riflemen to defend the place.


Anonymous said...

Very certainly brings back memories (including the one that I have this model unassembled in my attic!).


Stryker said...

Matt - to be honest it was after you mentioned on your blog that you had bought one that I did the same!


Conrad Kinch said...

I've been fighting the urge to get one for years...

Stryker said...

Conrad, resistance is futile you know you need one! Only problem with 20mm scenery is that it presents more storage problems than the 15mm stuff I have been used to.

tidders said...

Very nice, nice to see the Airfix farmhouse set again

-- Allan