Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Welcome men of Nassau

I made a detour via the Royal Mail depot on the way home from work tonight to pick up a package containing the Nassau grenadiers Matt has painted for me. They are splendid indeed and this quick snap does not really do them justice.

The uniform green looks quite dark in this shot but is less so in the flesh and will brighten up when I varnish and base them. That’s the next job then.


Scott Pasha said...

Before anyone else says it: "D'OH!"
Scott Pasha

Anonymous said...

These are definitely the best Hinton sculpts I have handled (albeit in my very limited experience).There are definitely at least two different basic infantry figures in this batch, possibly due to a new mould?

The Nassau are lovely looking uniforms.


Stryker said...

D'OH! indeed Scott, I've had that mouse mat for some time - I think one of the kids bought it for me but I don't understand why!

Matt - yes these ones are pretty good castings and probably mostly vintage. Even with vintage stuff there can be a lot of variation as Marcus Hinton would often make new moulds from existing castings rather than from masters.

paulalba said...

Cool figures Matt and Stryker,
You guys must have some size of collections now with all the figures that have been posted painted.

Stryker said...

Hi Paul - the HH collection is getting to a reasonable size now but the main problem is the amount of stuff waiting for paint to be applied (or re-applied!). I hope to do a grand review soon.

Lee said...

I look forward to the next review Ian, or another cabinet shot, I do like that display cabinet of yours, must be getting pretty crowded now?


Stryker said...

Ok Lee, for you I will try to do another cabinet shot soon!

paulalba said...

look forward to the grand review!

lewisgunner said...

Careful there Ian you are marching that battaklion into the jaws of death!!


Stryker said...

That's a good one Roy - good to hear from you!