Saturday, 23 October 2010

That was the week that was

A bit of a manic week that began heavily weighted towards work then changed emphasis towards the consumption of red wine and finally culminated in a trip to Chichester for my son’s graduation. None of this is relevant to this blog of course but here are a few highlights that just might be:

Tuesday – FN361 General Nansouty arrived in the post. My first successful Hinton Hunt eBay purchase for a long time and a welcome arrival as it means I am only missing one French HH personality figure now – cool (as the young people and old hippies say). Nansouty will be at the back of a very long painting queue, probably looking over the shoulder of Massena trying to see what the hold up is.

Tuesday (a few seconds after Nansouty’s arrival) – A copy of the Hinton Hunt export price list from 1972 arrived in the post from Don in the US. This list is almost identical to my UK list except that the prices don’t include VAT. Slightly strange as you would think that the export prices would be cheaper without the VAT. Click on the image to make it readable.

Thursday – Matt emailed me a picture of the completed Nassau grenadiers letting me know that they would be with me after the weekend. They look brilliant and I can’t wait for their arrival. Seems to be something of a Nassau theme running on some of my favourite blogs at the moment.

Saturday – Stopped off in Arundel on Friday night and went to visit the castle today. Quite amazed as I was expecting the usual sort of damp windswept ruin – had no idea it was still the fully functional residence for the Duke of Norfolk. We spent over three hours there and had a great time. I didn’t have my camera but the place is spectacular and well worth a visit - click here to take a look at the castle website.

That’s it then – the week is almost over.


Rafael Pardo said...

These Nassauers are wearing very large red plumes, isn't it?
Your week was very busy, even more than the mine!

Paul said...

Hi Ian
sounds like a great week all around !
well done on bagging Nasounty, I only
have one more French personality to get myself,


Stryker said...

Rafa - I think that perhaps your week was a bit busier and more productive than mine! Yes those plumes are big but don't they look splendid?


Stryker said...

Paul - the race is on then. Of course the next thing to do is to paint them all!


Lee said...

Busy week Ian! Nansouty is a little beauty, and that Nassau battalion look pretty striking, some great painting from Matt. Any progress as yet on those Brunswick Hussars?

All the best,

Stryker said...

Hi Lee - The Nassauers have just arrived but I haven't had time to open them yet (want to savour the experience!). My current plan is to base up the Nassau unit then finish those French grenadiers. After that I will tackle the Brunswick hussars and then probably some personality figures.