Sunday, 18 July 2010

Swiss roll call

The 4th Swiss regiment was formed in 1806 and quickly proved themselves to be determined fighters. At the crossing of the Beresina they fought until their ammunition was expended and then charged home with the bayonet. They continued to play a prominent part in the French rearguard during the retreat from Moscow where they “outdid nature, and spread a radiance of heroism into the desert of snow.” What’s more they were dressed in lovely red uniforms which gives a French player the chance to field his own redcoats on the tabletop.

So how did I manage to achieve such a prodigious painting output since my last post? Well, I must tell the truth – these splendid chaps were painted for me by the very talented Matt Golding of In the Grand Manner fame. Matt has done a superb job and went to great lengths to try and emulate my painting style, which must have been quite difficult as it involved (and no offence is meant here Matt) a degree of dumbing down from his normal shading style. The figures are:

5 x FN23 Grenadier (firing)
1 x FN236 Grenadier Officer (marching)
15 x FN244 Fusilier (charging)
1 x FN1 Officer (charging)
1 x FN6 Drummer (charging)
1 x FN4 Colour Bearer (charging)

You may remember that the original owner of these French figures had also painted them as Swiss and I thought it would be nice to keep them as the same nationality. All the figures are vintage Hinton Hunt that had their old paintwork stripped and the flash removed by me – there was a lot of flash on these ones and it reminded me of carrying out this same task years ago. Back then I had just a couple of files “borrowed” from my dad’s tool kit and I would file away for hours until my fingers were almost bleeding – such dedication to my hobby.

I’m not sure how readers of this blog will take to me subcontracting my work like this. It could be taken a bit like one of those episodes of Come Dine With Me where the contestants get in a professional chef to secretly cook for them but at least I’m not trying to pass this off as my own work. The thing is its been a real boost to my morale to have Matt’s help in what is otherwise proving to be a frustrating year on the painting front.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Very nice!

lewisgunner said...

Very nice, A lovely unit . Please to now do Bertier,s Neuchatel battalion in their yellow??

Anonymous said...

They look really good with their bases all finished up. I am glad my first ever "real" Hintons are in your collection (and as for sub-contracting, if it was good enough for Mr Gilder I think it is safe for us mere mortals!).


Stryker said...

Matt they look pretty darn good but my photo does not really do them justice. Another thing I haven't quite got sorted since we moved is a proper space to take photos with decent lighting!


Rafael Pardo said...

Beautiful uniforms for the Allied red-coats!
However some points (according to Knotel)
(1) The shako pompoms were in the habitual french pattern (green, light blue, orange, and violet)
(2) The voltigeurs wore yellow collar and eppaulettes
Best regards

Lee said...

What a stunning unit! And a great paint job that really works on those HH figures Matt. Post title made me laugh too Ian :-) I bet they look magnificent in that cabinet of yours.