Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rebellion in the colonies (Off Topic #15)

To commemorate the sad loss of the American colonies in 1783 we took a trip up to the American Museum in Bath today to see some re-enactors in action. The 5th Foot were going through their musket drill on the lawn whilst sprightly riflemen pepper-potted to the fore. We were also treated to a stirring rendition of The British Grenadiers played out on the fife and drum.

Next, while Mrs S and I sipped cool ginger beer on the terrace, the artillery sprang into action. There was an interesting and informative commentary over the PA followed by a very loud bang that left my ears ringing – I remembered to insert my fingers firmly in my ears for the second bang. The whole display was very well done even though it involved no more than 30 or so re-enactors. Very cleverly though the re-enactors didn’t bring any Americans along to spoil their fun. If only it had been this way during the real war the Union flag might now be fluttering over Capitol Hill.

When we were in New York earlier this year we took a boat trip around Manhattan. I asked the very enthusiastic tour guide if he could point out the site of the Battle of New York. He not only did this but very helpfully pointed out the route that the British troops took during the build up to the battle as well. He made it pretty clear though that as an American he was pleased with the final outcome of the war. Fair enough.

The display is on again tomorrow on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day to my American readers.


lewisgunner said...

Surely there would not be a Capitol Hill as the rebels would not have created the District of Colombia as an 'independent' capital for their 13 ex colonies??

Had George 3 had the sense to insist on his American subjects being given votes and seats in the Parliament Elizabeth 2 might now be ensconced in a palace in New York, her line having transferred there when the population of her Anmrican subjects passed that of the present Uk in the mid 19th century.

Lee said...

What a great place the American Museum is to watch re enactment. Its a beautiful spot on a sunny day.


Stryker said...

Roy - always interesting to rewrite history. Imagine American troops fighting at Waterloo and Britannia ruling the waves right into the 21st century!

Lee - It was idylic. The ACW re-enactment is billed for 25/26 September if you're at a loose end!