Monday, 23 March 2009

A total distraction (Off Topic #9)

I blame Matt entirely for the lack of progress on the Hinton Hunt front as I have been tempted into buying a unit of 28mm Schleswig Holstein Infantry from his superb new Waterloo to Mons range of figures. The range has been sculpted by Andrew Stadden and the figures have a real old school charm about them that I just could not resist.

I don’t have much experience when it comes to shading technique so I dusted off my Kevin Dallimore "Foundry Painting Guide" for help and these two figures are the result of my effort. I’m actually quite pleased with them and am looking forward to painting up the rest of the unit although I promise to keep my distraction as brief as possible and return to HH production as soon as they’re done.

Good luck to Matt with his new venture - if you want to see more pictures of these lovely figures (painted superbly by Matt) take a look at Matt’s blog.


Fraxinus said...

Top Job very nice painting, I have also been afflicted with Matts new figures gone for the superb Danes with my WW1 belgians i'm going for the esoteric/niche interest in a big way!! great blog by the way have a few old school figs including old Hinchcliffe cavalry in original boxes still, this is an interesting area of the hobby

Stryker said...

Looks like that Matt has a lot to answer for! Glad you like the blog.


Anonymous said...


(But don't blame is The Voices you see..telling me things!).


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ha - looking forward to seeing them in the flesh at Salute - but in the meanwhile I echo Fraxinus's comments - nice paint job!

rpardo said...

No my period... but a good painting job!