Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hello Sailor

This little detachment completes my British Naval Battalion bringing it up to a full strength of 24 figures. The marching figures are Clayton castings whilst the Officer is a vintage one.

And here is a shot of the entire Battalion on parade.

The figures I used are as follows:

5 x BN114 Royal Marine (charging)
5 x BN115 Royal Marine (firing)
1 x BN111 Royal Marine Officer (charging)
1 x BN116 Royal Marine Officer (marching)
5 x BN123 Seaman (firing)
5 x BN125 Seaman (marching)
2 x BN120 Royal Navy Officer (charging)

Apart from the marching Sailors all the figures were vintage castings that had never been painted before.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely they are too! I have never actually seen a Hinton in the flesh (to my knowledge) do they compare with say, an Airfix Napoleonic?


rpardo said...

Now you could to play a little raid in the east Peninsula area...

Stryker said...

Matt - In height the HH's are about the same as an Airfix but they are more chunky. Certainly in the old days I had no problem mixing the two.

Rafa - good idea, especially as I have both Spanish and Portuguese to come!


lewisgunner said...

Beautiful Ian, a really lovely unit.

If you go to one of the sites for model wooden boat makig you can buy a 1/72 wood and brass cannon that will look perfect with them.

Stryker said...

Thanks for that Roy - perhaps a cannon or two might enhance their combat effectiveness...


tidders said...

Jolly jack tars and Marines - very nice little naval battalion

-- Allan