Friday, 5 December 2008


This is my first attempt at one of the French Light Infantry Voltigeur figures. He has been painted as accurately as I could (with thanks to Rafa) as a Voltigeur of the 10th Legere Regiment. Whatever your opinion of the Hinton Hunt range as a whole I don’t think anyone can deny that this is a lovely little figure. The pose is full of character and the detail superb especially considering that this is a casting produced by David Clayton almost certainly without the master mould. For the record the figure is:

FN84 Light Infantry Voltigeur (running at the trail)

I think I’m going to enjoy painting the rest of this unit as it consists of 18 figures in 6 different figure poses which is a bit more interesting that painting 24 figure regiments all of the same type. I’m hoping to complete the whole lot before Christmas but this may be a bit optimistic – we’ll see.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Now he's a nice looking "leaper", and you're right, it's a nice characterful figure...

Anonymous said...

Very smart looking chap!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Was the lace and tassel around the gaiter tops not white though??

rpardo said...

Woww... again a great painting job of a very good miniature... The rest of the figures do wear the same uniform?

Stryker said...

Roy – according to the illustration I received from Rafa (Knoetel) it was yellow although the officer has white or silver
Rafa – I’ll be painting all the figures as Voltigeurs rather than any other LI types as this is more in keeping with my retro theme



excellent love the blog

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Ian Trevor has sent to me copies of the original Hinton Hunt painting instructions for FN 80 Voltigeur Officer and FN 86 Voltiguer bugler, along with text copied from hand written notes at the time (possibly from a friend's painting instruction sheet) for the rank-and-file voltigeurs FN 82 to 85. I think this has probably been a communications mix up and he meant to send them to you prompted by this post. I have posted them up on the Hinton Hunter blog (as examples of what the painting info looked like) and I will e-mail them to you - owing to a PC meltdown I can't forward his original e-mail but I will send you his attachments.



Stryker said...

Hi Clive - thanks for forwarding these to me.
Trevor - what can I say? How great to have the original painting info for these figures. My only problem now is that I have just finished painting the bugler and got him completely wrong! A repaint of my repaint is the only solution.