Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Taking the salute

I was very fortunate to have a visit from Roy and Matt today, both Hinton Hunt enthusiasts visiting Devon on a winter break. Having left their wives to enjoy a gentle stroll around the harbour, they took time out to come and review my troops. Roy brought along some splendid British HH’s from his Peninsula War army all beautifully painted and based (Mrs S in particular liked the basing – why don’t you do yours like that? Doh!). In his youth Roy once had a part-time job casting figures for Marcus Hinton although because of Marcus’s nocturnal habits he says he never saw very much of him. Roy’s collection of HH’s is huge (I mean HUGE!) and I very much hope to be able to take up his offer to see them in the near future.

I stupidly didn’t think to take a picture of Roy’s figures but I did snap a few of my own troops on parade (click on the images for a close up). This is my entire collection of painted and based Hinton Hunts which now stands at around the 200 mark. Only another 600 to go…

The whole army on parade.

The Imperial Guard Horse Artilley.

General Mack (still reading that map!) and the French 45th Regiment.

The French cavalry flanked by Austrian Hussars support the infantry.

As the senior officers present The Duke of Wellington and Lord Hill return the salute.


Anonymous said...

Bloomin' marvellous collection. I am definitely feeling "Napoleonicky", I will be dusting off "The Duellists" (even if they are both Americans) tonight!

Stryker said...

Matt - glad you're feeling Napoleonicky as I am looking forward to seeing those Hinchcliffes appear on your blog!


lewisgunner said...

Oh dear, I do have a lot of HH and HH clones. However, I'll bet others who read this blog have just as many.

It was great to visit you and see the parade. All beautifully painted and neatly mustered.

Must say I'm impressed with lazylimey's lead pile too.

Sharon said...

But Why don't you base yours like that? (They were really very good).

lewisgunner said...

I forgot to mention that Mrs Stryker produced a brilliant slab of cake,just baked, moist and delicious. If Josephine had baked like that would there have been any wars? I doubt the little corporal would have left home.

Stryker said...

Well Roy, that may be true but remember also that an army marches on its stomach!