Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Church Parade

The Hinton host assembled on the green.

A couple of posts back Matt asked me if it was perhaps time to hold a review of the troops. Well I had been thinking about it, so after church last Sunday the lads assembled on the village green for a photo shoot. It was a well-attended affair with some 139 of all ranks present. The whole thing was presided over by the Iron Duke himself (click on the images for a close-up).

The Iron Duke in the company of Generals Klingspor & Aldercreutz take the salute.

Russian Grenadiers supported by a solid looking Swedish line.

Austrian Grenadiers and the French 45th Regiment.

And finally, a trip back in time to the black and white 1960's - or is it?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic-love the 60's photography! Have never noticed the sailors before-excellent figures.


Iain said...

Very nice line-up, but imagine shouting words of command to that mixture of troops on parade.....!

Stryker said...


I guess there has always been a bit of a problem with multi-national forces. I intend to get around this by making Swedish the standard language for my troops as I have 2 Swedish Generals but only 1 Brit!


rpardo said...

Ha ha, multionational forces are always a trouble!
However... an impresionat parade!

Anonymous said...

Use the "International Language", i.e. yell at them in English and wave your arms around-works for me every time!