Sunday, 31 August 2008

Austrian Update

Just in case you were thinking that I might have gone AWOL here is an update on the progress on the Austrians. As you can see, I have completed a company of Hungarian Musketeers which when added to the Grenadiers takes me to the halfway point for the 51st Gabriel Spleny Regiment. Not a lot of progress in four weeks I agree.

I have been finding the white cross straps a bit tedious to paint as of course black on white shows up all my wobbly outlining. However I have resolved to complete the unit before I allow myself any other painting distractions.

The figures (shown here on their temporary painting bases) are all vintage castings comprised as follows:

1 x AN21 Hungarian Officer Charging
5 x AN24 Hungarian Musketeer Charging

I hope to have some exciting news on some reinforcements, which I will post later in the week.


rpardo said...

They look almost like 'vietcongs' with all those branches in their shakos... ;-)
Againa good job!

Anonymous said...

Very neat! Including the outlines!


Stryker said...

Thanks chaps - but Rafa, I can't get distracted into yet another period!


Keith Flint said...

Very nice. Good to have photos of these lovely Old School figures available on the net. Best of luck with your continued Hinton Hunting.

Cheers, Keith Flint.

Red Cardinal said...

Regarding having problems with "wobbly" outlining. Having tried outling I decided it was much too fiddly. Now I undercoat my Naps in black and then leave a little black surround around the edge of each colour. Works fine :)