Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Battle of the four Generals (part 3)

By now the cavalry action on both flanks was coming fast and furious. Here
my Brandenburg Uhlans are put to flight by DK cuirassiers and dragoons.
Surely Hinton Hunt should trump DK every time?
Even with this success Tony was taking no chances and formed three of his
battalions into square. This made his flank safe from cavalry attack but also
prevented him from advancing and taking the rock objective.
Back at the farm the Swedish Abo regiment managed to eject the 45th ligne
from the buildings. I knocked up a simplified rule for combat in built-up-areas
for this game to make it more likely that the objective would change hands.
More cavalry mayhem - this time British heavy dragoons manage to see off
the Austrian Hussars. Behind them a melee between Light dragoons and the
lancer/chasseurs rumbles on. The 'black spot' denotes a fallen colonel.
The farm is now surrounded by a sea of troops. The Young Guard are in the
process of successfully charging the Swedish Kajana regiment - a good
result for their first taste of action.
It's also the first action for the Guard Marines as they attempt to storm the
farm. However  their ranks are thinned considerably and the attack is replused.
Unlike the Young Guard they are more closely observing the wargaming
tradition regarding new units.
The 30th Cambridgeshires have managed to gain firm possession of the hill
as the Jagers are forced back. The position looks secure for the moment as
the supporting Austrian infantry are still in square.
The Duke has wisely withdrawn the 42nd Black Watch behind the Guards in
an effort to stop them taking casualties. They had been standing all day under
fire from the enemy battery opposite and were now at less than half strength.
The lancer/chasseurs have finally broken the Light Dragoons. However the
British still have plenty of cavalry left on this flank and the Blues&Greys are
moving up.
Now here's a sight you don't see often - the Old Guard decimated by fire from
from artillery and rifle fire. Normally you would expect the Guard to be hiding
behind the line infantry - my word that WM knows how to make war!
The Swedish Kajana regiment has retreated and now the Young Guard plough
on into the ranks of the Russian grenadiers. This is a tense moment
for Wellington.

Final part to follow...


Vintage Wargaming said...

Good to see sailors on both sides. +1 in melee for original Hinton Hunts, -1 for Claytons

Alastair Morrison said...

Thank you for yet another instalment of loveliness...

All the best. Aly

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Great looking game !

Ross Mac said...

Drama as well as beauty! Great stuff!

Mark Dudley said...

Perhaps +1 for original Hintons, no change for DKs and other classic figures (Alberken, LH, Garrison etc) and -1 for anything else.

Great write up. Read it last night and as a result could not get to sleep thinking about my plans for my small embryonic collection and what units I should paint next.

Stryker said...

Mark - it was never my intention to stop anyone sleeping, try mentally counting the lead pile or sheep!

the Archduke said...

What a great spectacle. I knew that man with the shovel would find work. WM does not let the dust settle in a wargame, does he? Pleased to see Daisy looking relaxed in Part 1.

lewisgunner said...

Never let WM get his hands on a massed battery...for he shoots like the devil himself..Mr Stryker, the devil himself!

Stryker said...

LG - never let him get his hands on your lovingly painted guard units either or they'll be down to half strength before you can blink!

Captain Nolan said...

What was the rule for the farm building you mention? Another splendid little war!

Stryker said...

Hello Capt N - I'll add the rule to the rule page when I get a chance.